Toddler 2


2 – 3 years

Classroom Details

Older Toddlers consist of students between 2 and 3 years old. The room uses a 6:1 child to staff ratio and is an area they can play and learn while still offering quiet choices throughout their days.

  • The older toddler classroom provides the space for children to learn new routines while building on their skills. 
  • The teachers plan more in-depth explorations of themes, using the 5 senses, as most toddlers are very sensory orientated.  The intentional teaching provides the older toddlers with moments to explore ideas at their own developmental rate. 
  • Daily outside time, as well as indoor gross motor time, allows the older toddlers to practice and refine their motor skills.
  • The teachers use their observation skills to plan activities that allow the toddlers to use their emotions in the proper manner, as they are learning and beginning to understand how to make choices, and connect with their peers and teachers in a meaningful way. Communication activities and lessons foster this growth.
  • The older toddlers engage in Spanish and music classes each week. These classes are building their confidence in a second language and providing a creative outlet for their emotions.

Classroom Teachers

Ms. Andrea