3-5 years

Classroom Details

Preschool room is where children between 3 and 5 years old learn and develop. In this room there will always be at least 1 staff member per every 10 children.  The preschool curriculum will focus on developing each child's increasing independence, and expand on their social skills and knowledge.

  • The preschool classroom provides many stimulating learning areas that provide the children with the space to continuously build on their skills. Science projects encourage investigation, experimentation and answering questions. Technology activities allow the children to use simple tools from crayons to microscopes and computers. Engineering skills allow the children to recognize problems and test solutions to them. Art activities encourage creativity and illustration. Finally, math skills are implemented through numbers, patterns, shapes and more!
  • Communication is fostered in the preschool class through open-ended questions, conversations, writing, word games, songs, and stories that pave the way for reading skills.
  • Teachers facilitate relationships and provide the children with opportunities to work in large groups, small groups, pairs, and individually
  • The preschool class participates in weekly Spanish and Music classes, which allow them to build their bi-lingual skills, and to build a repertoire of familiar songs and experiment with different kinds of movements.
  • Community partnerships are established with field trips, visitors, and volunteers.

Classroom Teachers

Ms. Jaimie

Master of Science in Leadership Studies

Ms. April

Master of Education